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About the Indian Posts?

“Indian Posts” as we all know Indian post has the largest postal network in the world. it has 1,54,882 postal offices in India.

In which 1, 39,182 (89.86%) are in their rural areas and 23,344 post office in urban areas. At the time of independences.

Before we start details discussion on Indian post let us have a glance on the history of Indian Postal. As it was started before independences it may deal with interesting and great history.

 History of the Indian Postal.

As it was established from British time it occurs with many changes before independences and after independences.

Let know about Indian Posts and the British Raj.

The postal institute was established in 1858 at the rule of East Indian Company, at the stage of 1861, there was 889 posts office which is handling with 43 million letters and 4.5 million newspaper yearly.

During the British rule, it was passed with many acts to enlarge and standardize posts and Telegraphs services.

So, let us have the look on what are the acts to enlarge the services.

  1. Government Services Bank Act 1873: it passed by the legislature on 28 January 1873 and it was enacted in 1881.the first post office saving bank opened on 1 April 1882 throughout the India.

The postal insurances were started on 1 February 1884 as it helps for welfare measure for the employees.

It establishes telegraph act, 1885 and Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933

Indian Posts after Independence service

After independences, the postal service starts to function on nationwide by providing verities of services. The organization is structured with many offices like Regional office, the superintendent office, Head post office, Sub-post office and Branch post offices.

What are the functions of Indian Posts?

The Indian posts work on the following function

  1. It generally works on Design, printing and distributing postage stamps, special or dedicatory postage stamps and postal stationery like envelopes, inland-letters cards, postcards and register covers.
  2. It conducts Philatelic examination at the national level
  3. It participates in international exhibitions and monitoring exhibition at the state.

Postal Life insurance:

Postal insurances helped for many government employees and it occur more popularity in the India

This insurance is facilitated for all the employees of central and state government departments, public sectors, municipalities, national banks and many financial institutes.

Which policies include under government employees and General public?

This is policed insurance which help the government employees like

Santhosh – endowment assurance

Suraksha – whole-life assurances

Suvidha – convertible whole-life assurances

Sumangal – anticipated endowment assurances

Yugal Suraksha – joint life endowment assurance

These are the policies for the general public:

Gram Santhosh – endowment assurance

Gram Suraksha – whole-life assurances

Gram Suvidha – convertible whole-life assurances

Gram Sumangal – anticipated endowment assurances

Gram Yugal Suraksha – joint life endowment assurance

Children policies

How had Indian postal Organization works?

Here, is the detailed structure on how postal organization works

The postal service’s works under the department of posts, which is a part of the Ministry of communications and the Information technology of government

It consists of a chairman and six members like postal life insurances, technology, operations, human resources development and planning.

It has 22 postal circles, where each circle is divided into two regions, headed by the postmaster general.

How Indian Postal did services starts?

It was established in 321-297 BC by the Emperor Chandragupta Maury. He was the first person who introduces a form of postal communication. The postal system is different from one state to another state

But as per the history record it mentions that the Ala – ud-din Khilji who ruled Delhi over 700 years ago established regular horse and foot runner service called harakuras in 1296AD.

Do you know when first postage stumpage was issued?

The first postage stamp called Penny Black stamp and the Two Penny Blue Stamp was issued on May 6, 1840, in Britain.

The stamp consists portrait of Queen Victoria.

Initially, it was not supported by the public but in January 1841, 72 Million Penny Black was printed and issued.

The first post office in India was introduced by East Indian Company in 1786 at Chennai.

By the 1866 India was leading with the world of different verities of stamps.

Services under Indian Posts:

Here, we have a look on the different services which works on the Indian Posts. They are like Mail Services, Premium Services, Financial Services, and Retail Services.

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