When you enter and start using our service, we want to inform you that you agree with this Policy Statement and its materials.
 If you disagree with any thesis of this Statement – you should stop using the website and leave it.

Personal data:

To use our site and its tracking tool, you need to provide the tracking number to us.

Why do you need to put your tracking number while tracking?

To get tracking results, you need to put your tracking number into a field and press the “Track” button. While tracking, you see the results according to precisely your parcel and no one else’s.
To get these results system needs to recognize your parcel in the carrier database. Your tracking number is a unique key that stores the entire parcel’s route info, so you need to put your tracking number in this field.
We do not collect, store, transfer etc., this info to any person — only you see this number while using the site. The tracking number is used only to recognize your parcel in the database and is NOT for other purposes.

Which info do we collect?

Our service automatically collects the info such as:
 – Our website’s visited pages,
 – Date and time of its usage,
 – User’s IP address,
 – Operating system (OS), its type and version,
 – Web browser’s type and version,
 – Device Type (mobile/desktop),
 – In case you wrote a review, we ask you for your name. You don’t need to write your real name. You can fill out the form with a nickname.

How do we use this data?

  The user’s IP address, Operating system (OS), its type and version, web browser’s type and version: This info needs to distinguish genuine users from automatic bots.
  The user’s IP address: We identify the user’s location using the IP address. The user’s city is the maximum possible accuracy of the determination. We need the user’s location to generate a report about our website usage in different countries. Also, your position is necessary to show the notice of compliance with the privacy policy and cookies usage for citizens of EEA countries.

Device Type (mobile/desktop):

It needs to adapt our site to the user’s device. Also, it helps to improve website pages for different device types.

In case you wrote a review and left your real name or nickname:

The registered name is displayed as the name of the person who has typed the message.

How long do we store the data?

Cookies and the info about the current visit (or session) are stored till the user finishes the session. Those data, which needs for the analytic reports, are stored for 26 months. The complete list of this info is written below:

  1. Our website’s visited pages,
  2. Date and time of its usage,
  3. Operating system (OS), its type and version,
  4. Web browser’s type and version,
  5. Device Type (mobile/desktop),
  6. The user’s IP address is stored for one year long.


How do we ensure the data’s integrity?

We use the https protocol with SSL coding. This coding type makes the process of interception and data decryption between the user and our site significantly complicated.

Third-party services

This spreadsheet contains a complete list of data, which we transfer to third parties. Also, here you can find reasons why they need it.

Info Third-party services
Our website’s visited pages. Date and time of its usage Operating system (OS), its type and version,
 Web browser’s type and version, Device Type (mobile/desktop)
 To make analytics reports to improve our service effectiveness. Date and time are necessary to get an opportunity to compare periods, for example, this week and the
previous one.
The user’s IP address It needs to determine the location. Also, it uses to show you the notice, which contains an application to accept the Terms of Use and Privacy policy.




Cookies are small text files that usually stay on the user’s device until the end of the web session (till you stop surfing the Internet and use your browser). Sometimes they can be saved for a little bit longer. While entering, it sends or creates several cookie files on the user’s device.

Cookies are used for:

  1. Storing your last tracked numbers on your device.
  2. Save our answers to your questions on your device (mainly, your agreement or disagreement with peculiar cookies usage).
  3. Also, we use cookie files to analyze the traffic, select suitable content and ads for you, and allow you to share the info on social networks. We transfer the data about your actions on the website to Google partners: social networks and companies working with advertisements and web analytics. Our partners can combine these data with the info you provided and the info they got when you used their services.


Your data’s security:

We’re doing our best to protect all the info on our site. However, nowadays, some people are trying to break a website’s security systems for their pleasure (they are usually extensively known as hackers). So be aware that this site can be broken despite all our secure systems, and people can use all the info without permission. That’s why we want to tell you that we can NOT guarantee the complete protection of all the data, so you dispose of it at your own risk!

Privacy Policy updates:

We’re improving our website daily, and this Privacy Statement can be updated at our discretion at every moment, depending on the other additions we can add. All the changes in this Statement will be available on this page.