FAQ’s on Tracking Shipment at DHL Express

Generally, many people will have different types of questions and confusions while tracking the Status.

Hope, This Articles will clear all your doubts and Confusion on tracking.

  1. Is it possible to Track Shipment without Tracking Number?

Yes, you can…. But under certain conditions. First a fall it’s very important to keep a record of a track number. But in case if you don’t have number you can use the shipper’s references number in online shipper’s tracking service.

  1. Why I will get the Statement Contact DHL when I am tracking the Shipment?

This statement indicates that your details are insufficient to the status of your shipment. like your address is incorrect or some more information may require.

Sometimes you may be lacking some information.

You can contact customer care to clear the issues quickly.

  1. I receive tracking result as “Sign up for notifications for this shipment” what does it mean?

This means that you can sign up for email or SMS for delivery status of your shipment. Instead of going into the online you can check your status through SMS or email as it saves time.

  1. When I’m tracking the shipment status. It shows an error as invalid waybill number? Why?

Generally the waybill number consist 10 digits numerical number so, while placing the number you needs to be careful.

It may have different reasons to show error just you can re-enter the number once again.

And if you want to check the shipment for DHL Economy you need to select DHL Economy select indent code from the dropdown list or you can select DHL reference to track the international Intra-European shipment.

  1. As an account customer with DHL can I have an overview of all shipment on my account?

Yes, you can overview all the shipment in DHL Proview in the web which specially designed for the DHL account holders. you can check on DHL website which is nearby to you.

As globally it may not available in some countries. But in future it may available surely.

  1. Even after shipment lifting from the country it shows me as “Customer status updated” from the destination. Why is it so?

It gives clear indication process from the destination. Open (+) to see the additional information.

It will allow as to see the additional information very quickly.