Details Description and Everything you want know about DTDC?

Do you want to know about DTDC…So why late. Let us know about the DTDC.

This article will help you to know everything about DTDC. Firstly we start with history of the DTDC.

All about DTDC

It was started in 1990 at Bangalore, and it has 7 Zone offices with 430 operation facilities spread across India.

DTDC started its journey by forming its identity from an integrated parcel to Express Documents

It is Europe’s second largest parcels delivery player.

DTDC is a totaly express logistics player which delivers its important  value in the markets that it operates around the globe.

We know that every company has vision and mission to attain success in the business.DTDC also follow its vision and mission to attain great success in the world.

Let us see Vision and Mission


The vision of DTDC is to become most preferred end – to – end logistics, Retail service &

Express firm with embracing global reach.


The mission of DTDC is to emerge leading and cargo distribution company in India, to achieve its

Mission it has adopted the following initiatives.

Revenue protection at every step of the value chain

Value – added service to make available all demands of customers

Scientifically it optimizes continuous resource to lower cost.

It delivers finest Express products for better satisfaction and high profitability from customers.

What is Quality Policy at DTDC?

DTDC committed to:

It keeps on improving its Products, Process, quality and services management systems.

The environment is created with motivation, encouragement and committed employees

It satisfies its customers (internal and external) and business associates by providing high quality service.

What are the strategic intent & Core Value?

The following are the strategic Intent

The present strategic of DTDC is to consolidate its current position and introduce new service and products that fulfil the customers.

As we know the DTDC is the largest delivery network but it wants to spread its network deeper in the country.

From last 22, years DTDC growth changed rapidly and it has become a leading company in the


As years pass on..people will become so busy and they don’t find time to spare with family.

They search for the services which help them to spare time with their family and themselves.

so, from this concept DTDC is launching a service called Retail Division where it provides the trust solution.

it is a super mall which helps in providing various services and products which will extend to the


Domestic division is SBU which is foundation for all its value-added products.they will come with

more new services in additional to the current branches in all district and taluka.

Supply Chain Solutions is another SBU planning for the growth and expand of new routes with the

existing research.

Internation Division is an SBU which tactically focus on inbound shipments from all over the


Freight Forward is an SBU which aims to growth and recruited to spearhead this vertical.

DTDC institute of supply chain management(DISC):

it is an institute which gives training and development not only for the internal staff but also for

everyone who want training in the supply chain and Logistic space.

This institute is affiliated to CILT in London.

Core values:

DTDC aims to create a relationship with stakeholders by surviving its values:

It serves the customers efficiently according to their budget.

It maintains clarity for all transactions.

It helps to protect the environment by reducing national wastage and minimizes the pollution.


DTDC has world wide technology which develops its logistic industry. As it is proved as

backbone for its operational service and excellence.

  • DTDC invest comprehensively in ramping its infratrcture.
  • It offers the following technology.
  • Mobile and Web-based ststus query solutions.
  • Data accurancy
  • World class ERP
  • Tech base Mas mailing solutions.
  • END to End tracing and tracking facilities.

Awards Achived by DTDC:

  • It is awarded as Best franchisor in the country by the Franchise for teh 8th time.
  • it is ranked as 279 in the list of top 500 Fastest Growing Mid – sized Company in India.
  • It recevied Award as a Asia’s Most Promising Brand 2012 – 13 in a consumer and product Survey
  • conducted bt IBarand 360.

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