Detail Guidelines on shipping Tolls and Tracking Process

Hi… Guys as we started discussion on the about TNT right………… following the same track now we will learn about Shipping Tools at TNT.

What are shipping Tools in TNT how it process?

You can save time by choosing this shipping tool. The following are the shipping tools of TNT

  • Online Shipping
  • Shipping software
  • Integrated Solution
  • Compare Shipping Tool

Online Shipping:

It’s very easy and simple to start with online shipping tool. you can Collect, quote, and invoice with few clicks.

You can ship intently or by registering through myTNT.

MyTNT is business account for shipping process.

You can book your shipment in three easy steps intently as follows.

  • Get price quotes
  • Make Request collection
  • Create and print all documentation
  • Forward the paperwork to the recipients
  • Can track your package in real-time
  • Finally download invoice and pay online.

Shipping Software:

It is recommended for the frequently shipping People. it is PC-based shipping software with secure web connection to the TNT.

It can be used for multi-tracking, minute pricing, and information.

It is divided into two types of software like as follows


IT is Software   where you can download and install one or more workplace. It gives complete overview and time of your package like

  • Manage and store addresses
  • A collection of books and Price checking.
  • Sending notification to the customers through Email.
  • Tracking the Shipment time to time.
  • Preparation of documentation and printing them.


Here, it will manage the high – volume shippers by its own internal systems. The TNT team will analyze your specific shipping requirements and customize the configuration of TNT Manager.

  • IT will print and create bar coded labels
  • It prepares templates for regular consignments.
  • It merges the similar shipments and reduces the cost.
  • it can be scalable for mulch or single office sites,
  • It keeps labels for uniform shipment to multi-address.

Integrated Solution


This Express will bring solutions for e-commerce retailers and internal procurement system.

THIS XML technology comes out with all your pricing, shipping and tracking details to your own warehouse management so that the retailer can provide efficient delivery all over the world.

It provides following details for the retailer

  • Real-time tracking and status.
  • Print bar-coded labels
  • timely quotes for the retailer and their customers
  • It provides branding for their own service.

Compare Shipping Tools.

It will choose how to connect to TNT. It will choose any range of e-tools from any one of the shipment to complete integrated IT solutions as follows.

Compare Shipping Tools

How to track the Shipment?

Do you know how to Track the shipment in TNT?

Let us learn about it in few easy steps.

TNT designed simple tracking process for their customer so that they can reduce their time.

If you want a delivery status of your shipment or any other tracking information.

You need to just type your TNT consignment number or references number.

Select appropriate button and Click on the Track button.

It will give all the delivery details of your Shipment.

track the Shipment

So, this concludes about the shipping tools and Tracking Process. Hope, it helps you for all your details, please do share your experiences with us by comments to help you more.