Detail Guidelines of Indian Post Tracking Process

Do you know the process of tracking Indian posts? If not……Why wait?

This article gives you complete information on tracking Indian posts. Let us have look on it……

You can track Indian post through online. it will provide tracking information and confirm the delivery of the item.

For tracking the item it is very important to have tracking number which will be assigned at the time of booking.

You can find the number on the postal receipt which handed over to you at the post office at the time of booking.

What all you can track in the Indian posts?

The following posts can be track……

Speed post

Registered post

Register parcel

Value payable letters

Insured Letters

Business Parcel

Express Parcel

Electronic Value payable parcel (eVPP)

International EMS

Electronic money order (e-mo)

How to Track the status?

Here is the Tracking procedure of the post.

It is very simple to track the courier or consignment just by entering the 13- digits tracking number in the given box

After entering the number click on the Track button. As shown below

Indian Post Tracking Process

The Alternate way to track your courier is to log in to the website home page will appear with a form asking your item or consignment number.

Enter your 13-digits number in the box and click on the submit button.

It will displays you the following details on the page after click on the submit page.

The Booking date of the package or consignment.

The history of the Delivery like where it will be displayed and received.

Delivery Date and Destination of the package.

Status of the package whether it is delivered successfully or not. If your item is failed to deliver it gives the failure status.

You can track the status of your package with SMS or EMS within fraction of time in the format shown below

SP (space) <consignment number> to 55352


EMS (space) <consignment number> to 55352

What are the different ways of tracking Formats?

As we all know we have different categories of tracking with different formats. But many people will be confused of its codes.

Here, are some codes and format which helps you in tracking the status of packages.



Category Format No. of digits
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE123456789IN 13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India EE123456789XX 13
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 000000000000000000 18
Registered Mail RX123456789IN 13
Express Parcel Post XX000000000XX 13