Detail Description on How to Track the Shipment t DTDC

So, we read in- detail about DTDC from our last article…Continuing with the process. Now we will learn about process of Tracking at DTDC.

Process of Tracking Shipment, DTDC:

Now a day’s Tracking process become very easy through the on – line. You can complete the process within few seconds.

DTDC also has several tracking options. You can track your consignment through the online, SMS and E-mail as per your convents.

Let us see how we can go the process.

There is no need of downloading any software’s or app just u need to connect with net to track the Shipment.

Only u needs to have consignment number or Reference No correspondingly.

Steps to Track the Shipment.

Firstly you need to select the Consignment number or References number.

Enter you shipment number in the given box. This Number will be provided to you at the time of booking.

You can track multi shipment up to 25 numbers at a time in the box by separating with commas.

After entering the number just click on the Track button.

Track the Shipment t DTDC

As we discuss we have many alternate ways to track the shipment as per convinces.

Let us have look on those alternates like SMS or E-mail.

Tracking Through SMS:

Through the DTDC SMS Tracking you can service such as Consignment Tracking (Domestic & International), City serviceability and pin-code serviceability to a designated mobile number.

  1. Track your shipment by

Typing ‘DTDC <space> Consignment Number and send to 9845324040


DTDC B56438766 to 9845324040

  1. To check pin- code

Type ‘PIN <space> Pin Code’ and send to 9845324040

  1. To check serviceable city

Type ‘CITY<space>City Name’ sends to 9845324040.

Tracking Shipment through the E-Mail.

To Track your shipment through the email you can just type all your consignment number, in the body of the mail and send it to the mail id

Here, you can track multiple shipments by separating with commas in the same way.

They will send a return mail with all the details of your shipment.

Tracking Shipment through E-Tracker

DTDC also provide facility of tracking through the E-Tracking .it is mainly useful for E – enabled customers, whose backend system is capable enough to integrate at system level.

It can be integrated through Web service as FTP integrate or secured HTTP request.

It provides consignment status in periodic manner based on configuration.

This will help you by providing periodic consignment status to the customer in CSV format via mail.

Why late…..start Tracking your shipment at DTDC and please share your ideas by comments below.