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What is TNT?

TNT is an international delivery service company which owns it fully active process in 61 countries. It delivers documents, a haul of pieces and parcels over 200 countries the sales record of TNT is 6.68 billion in has its own cargo airline called as TNT Airways.

TNT Competes to DHL, United Parcel service (UPS) and FedEx.

History of the TNT?

TNT was established in 1974 as nation based Courier Company. Its logistic business solution presently it expanded to 2000 countries all over the world and it stands as a second most big transport in the world.

It transport by road, rail, sea and air in the 1980s it is first transport company to buy its own aircraft.

FedEx announced its intention to buy TNT Express for 4.4billions in April 2015, as it wants to extend its business in Europe.

The European Commission after an investigation of plan acquisition it gives deadline for decision till 7th December 2015.

What is the Corporate Responsibility of TNT?

The following are the corporate business Start ages of TNT. Which entrenched in all its operational and business activities?

A Safety and Healthy Workplace:

The safety and health policies are based on the international standards. It’s framed its management and policies according to OHSAS 18001.

The operational activities are identified, controlled and acceptable by implementing the risk within the operational process.

In addition to these own national and local regularity standards, it wants to achieve external certification to its minimum standards.

Health & Safety:

The management exhibits and commitment to create a safety culture as well as employees are also take responsibility for their health and safety for themselves and other.

TNT builds up its safety culture by addressing the belief, attitude, values and perceptions of employees and subordinates.

Safety on Roads:

TNT is very particular on its Safety on roads as it takes as the challenge in reducing road accidents. It continuously makes improvement in safety areas like Safe Vehicle, Safe Driver and Safe journey.

Its main Target is to reduce the lost time accidents (LATs) it reduces to 2.0 in 2015 compared to 2.69 in 2014.


THE management and policies are based on the international ISO 14001 standard. The management system plans, monitor, implement, manage and improve its environmental activities.

It mainly focuses on three areas such as:

It train and encourages awareness on the environment to the employees, people, and subcontractors.

IT Improves CO2 efficiency and air quality

It provides the CO2 information to customers in order to reduce emissions

Networks of TNT:

It provides extensive road network with wide range of delivery services to reach customer commitments.

It takes 55,000 trips and 700 flights in week.

Shipping services of TNT.

The following are the shipping services of TNT

You can choose any of the shipping services with complete trust around the clock and world to meet your deadline.

Your shipping can be heavyweight freight to overnight parcel delivery.

  1. Timely and Day Definite Services.

This shipping service will give a guarantee next day delivery on the shipment by the fixed time.

It offers wide range of delivery services in the market.

You can choose according to Services. You can choose the special express like 9:00, 10:00, 12:00, where it guaranteed to deliver by the same time and day.

Freight Services:

IT provides Freight services by air, road and sea. These services cost – effective and ideal for large.

Air Freight Services:

This shipment will be cost effective and it will try to fits in your budget

It gives time to time information on every stage of the process like

It will manage Door – Door operations.

Door to airport operations

It gives clearance on all imports and exports.

Road Freight Services.

You can choose your own vehicle or group age.

This transport costs effective for all large shipment.

It is secure, safe and direct delivery

It is available at throughout the Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Time Critical Services.

Dedicated Vehicles:

It will take complete response and control on road delivery in Europe with its own vehicles.

It will provide a vehicle which suits best with your shipment.

It secures door – door service every day.

It provides full customer confirmation and customer clearances.

Onboard Courier:

When your shipment delivery in a critical situation and need a personal touch. Then it will offer you international courier service.

As next available commercial flight.

Secure delivery to door – door services.

Personal delivery to a named.

Air Charter:

It will provide services for large urgent shipment by its own aircraft which is a special arrangement like

Ideal for unusually heavy, perishable and bulk goods.

Door to door and door to the airport with customs clearance.

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