Complete guidelines on tracking process of FedEx express

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Now we will learn the process of Tracking with FedEx. There are many different ways of tracking at FedEx like

Track by Tracking Number

Track by Reference

Track by E-mail

Obtain Tracking by signature proof of delivery.

Tracking by Mobile

FedEx Insight.

Let us have looked on each and every process in details.

Track by Tracking Number:

In this, you can track the shipment by tracking number which will be given at the time of booking.

In this, you need to enter your tracking number. You can track up to 30 FedEx tracking at one per line.

After entering the number click on the Track button.

Track by Tracking Number

Tracking by Reference Number:

To track the shipment through the References number you need to enter any references number or freight number in the box and

Fill all the details as required and Click on the Track Button.

You can see the complete detail of your shipment.

Tracking by Reference Number

Track by E-mail:

Now you can track the shipment detail through one email as follows

  1. Create email message.

Type in ‘TO’ area

  1. Enter shipment tracking number in the body of the message. You can Track 30 shipment at a time by separating with ‘/’
  2. Finally send the mail. The shipment details will be given to your mail id.

Obtain Tracking by signature proof of delivery:

In this Tracking, it includes an image of the recipient signature for your FedEx Express.

You can also have a copy of FedEx Freight Bill of Loading.

Track by E-mail

FedEx Insight:

FedEx Insight is a value added Tracking where it provides you with a new level of visibility with this tracking you can monitor all your inbound and outbound shipments without Tracking number.

You need to register with the FedEx Insight. The entire request is sent to your sales representative for approval.

It may take more time to approve.

Note: once shipment is in transit prior approval will not be visible in your FedEx login.

FedEx Insight

Tracking by Mobile:

Now you can Track your shipment by just one Text msg. It will send all the details within few seconds. Let us see the process.

To Get Ongoing Shipment Update:

Type FALLOW and your tracking number to 38773 ( eg: “Fellow 987654321012” to 38773)

You will confirm welcome message just reply YES.

After confirmation, you will receive updates on ongoing shipment.

For One – Time Shipment Updates:

Type TRACK and your tracking number to 38773 ( eg: “TRACK 987654321012” to 38773)

You will receive update automatically on your mobile

To repeat, entire shipment follows the same steps.

This is all about Tracking Shipment of FedEx. Hope, this will clear all you doubts on tracking. Have happy Tracking. Please share your comments.