Brief description on different ways of Tracking DHL Express Shipment

HI… Everyone Do you know the process of Tracking at DHL Express Shipment? Well…. Why Wait? Let us known about it.

This article will help you in Tracking Status at DHL Express in a different way.

How to Track DHL Express Shipment?

Generally to track the status of shipment at any network we need to call customer services at n Number of time right….But at the DHL Network there is no need of calling customer care you can track the shipment by online.

It is the fastest way to check the status of your shipment and it will give you genuine- time and detail status.

Here, is the step by step process to track the shipment in different ways…

Firstly, To Track the shipment Status you need to select the shipment type as Express services.

Give your tracking number in the box. You can track 10 members at a time by comma or enter. As shown in the box below

Finally, press on the track which enlightens with the red box.

Tracking DHL Express Shipment

There are different alternate ways to track the shipment as follows

  1. DHL eTrack
  2. DHL ExpresSMS and
  3. DHL ExpressWAP

Let us know about them in details……..

DHL eTrack

  1. About DHL eTrack

Here, it will track 50 expresses at a time and operates on any email device. It may PC, handheld devices or mobile phones.

It will give responses you in minutes and exact status in any language as your choice.

Now you may be struck with the question how to use this eTrack? Right… so why late Let us know how to use eTrack.

How to use eTrack?

The following steps will help you to understand the eTrack.

  • Firstly, you need to get start with the email application that runs on PC or any other emails-enabled device like your mobile phones, ISP, any network connection or personal organizer
  • You need to create an email by entering your waybill numbers up to 50 at a time in the content.
  • After creating the mail address the email to
  • To send the results to others then enter their email in the CC field.
  • You will receive the reply within seconds.
  • If you have any incontinences or confusion you can forward the email of your waybill numbers to DHL.
  • They will track the status and send the reply email with infractions.

DHL Express SMS

About DHL Express SMS?

It will help you to track the status of shipment in the phone in a simple way. it will give response very quickly within the short period of time.

You can pass the text to you colleges to keep knowing the status.

How to use DHL Express SMS?

These are the following steps to track the DHL Express SMS.

  • Go to the “Message box” in your mobile.
  • Type the text “DHL TRACK<way bill number>” to 53456.
  • You will receive SMS within seconds with all your shipment details.

DHL ExpressWAP

About DHL ExpressWAP?

This service will help us to track the shipment worldwide from anywhere, anytime from any WAP-enable device.

Let us know what process of it is.

  • Firstly, open the website in your WAP Phone.
  • Select the option “Tracking” and scroll down to enter Waybill number of which you wish to track.
  • Select the language as your wish to receive the status.
  • Click on the “Track” button will information will appear with all details.

Note: DHL ExpressWAP has 21 different languages to give status as your choice.

So, Guys… This is all about the Tracking Details of DHL Express Shipments. Hope this will help you to track your shipment. Any queries or suggestions please do contact us through the comments below.