A Detail Description on GATI Limited and Its Services

Hi.. Are you searching for a Gati Limited? Do you want to know about it? So, this article helps you to know everything about Gati.

Let us have a look into the Profile of Gait?

It is a pioneer in Distribution service in India. It was established in 1989 in Singapore.

The Name Gati considered after short listing several Sanskrit’s names. The Gati reflects as speed with directions and true to the way.

It is the logistic industry in India with an Annual turnover Rs.15, 273 Million.

Today it’s offering Integrated Distribution and customized supply chain solution to the customers across the industry.

It’s a leading market in India with strong presences in the following countries Asia pacific region and SAARC.

It is one of the first company which prints delivery date on the docket and it also offers money – back guarantee after producing proof of delivery (POD).

It started its operations in Madras and Madurai later it launches its operations Bangalore, Hyderabad, Honk Hong and Madras.

Gati serves across air, road, and rail as per the customer request. It operates navy of more than 5000 vehicles on a road and it has 3100 business partners across the India.

Vision and Values of Gati


Its vision is to provide supply chain services and solutions to the customers and to lead in the Asia pacific region.

It should be a most preferred organisation for the stakeholders.

It aims to glee the customers with their new trends and technology.

It takes responsibility with a resolute commitment to protecting the environment and conversation.


They believe that their values are the key points which help their organisation to align towards customer’s sensitivity and delivery expectations.

This corporate value helps them to encompass their attitude, behaviour, action and delivery promises and achieve heights in business in long run.

GATI-KWE Supply chain Solution:

It offers an incorporated supply chain service to the business across the world. It is flexible to solve any point of distribution or complex integrated logistics solutions.

It deals with great effectiveness and reliability.

It identifies cost and benefits opportunities that value into their business with their clients.

They achieve this by critical operational constraints, improving the flow of information.

GATI E – Commerce:

The e- commerce logistic solution is the Indian first integrated solution provider. Nowadays E- connects industry crashing as a result of online shopping.

Gati e-commerce has reached more than 99% of districts in India.

It is unique service which offers the e-connect has the cash on delivery and prepare facilities.

It reached to the 5120 direct pin codes and 15,400 remote pin codes to reach the outmost corner of the country.

It is perfect logistic partner whether you have a Business to Business (B2B), Customer to Customer (C2C) or Business to Customer (B2C).

Gait International Services:

Gati is one of the internationally leading providers of freight forwarding and Logistic services specially for air and ocean shipments and connected supply chain solutions.

It has 61 warehouse pans in India.

It agency network as spans across 100 countries

GATI Logistics:

Gait offers end to end logistic solutions for individual and cooperates. It analysis to logistic service which refining each phase in the logistic process from transportation to handling

The logistics management has over 500 pick-up points in India and it coverage more than 200 countries in India.

To have all inclusive multi-modal logistics service Gati offers a bunch technology services founded  on the web based GEMS(Gati Enterprise management Services).

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