A Detail Description on DHL EXPRESS Indian Pvt Ltd

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Do you know the history of the DHL Express?

Well… Firstly we will learn history of the DHL Express.

DHL is established in 1969 at Mumbai. It is a business which deals with Logistic & Courier Solution. It reward as Global Courier Company and it has global presence in more than 200 countries.

It stands as a most international Company in the world with a work force of 325,000 employees.

It is most leading postal and Logistics Company which hold many different business units like DHL ecommerce, DHL parcel, DHL Global forwarding, DHL Supply chain and Freight.

It excess it efficiency in providing solutions for an infinite number of logistics needs.

What is its Mission and Vision?

Well every company must have its mission and Vision to have successful organisation. Every organisation have dream to reach its Mission and Vision. To reach company goals firstly we need to frame a efficient mission and vision for the company. Like DHL it reaches its goals according to its mission and vision.

Have look on Mission and Vision of DHL Express Indian Pvt ltd.


Its mission is to simply the lives of customer.

Its aim is to give success and trust to their customers, employees and investor.

It makes positive contribution to the world.

It always reveals respect on its achieved results. Coming to its Vision


The Vision of DHL is to be Logistic Company in the world.

Its vision is to be the logistics provider to the people as it turns to be first choice not only in the shipping but also for employee and investor.

What is purpose of DHL Express?

Well we will see what the story behind the DHL Success. Why its stands as most leading company in the world.

The purpose and the success of the DHL are to deliver its joy, prosperity and trust. It has great contribution on its daily work.

As logistic company it forms as a backbone for its delivery.

The following are the shipment include in the DHL Life saving medicines, birthday present from a friends.

 About the DHL Orgnisation?

what actualy DHL works for.. Well it express delivery world wide. it cargo through ships,trucks,trains and plains.

it provide warehouse services beyond the storage includes everythink from package to repairs,international mail deliveries and customized.

The following are different products were the DHL express details with

DHL Experss:

it transports urgent documents and goods on time from door to door and it operates most comprehensive globe express network.

DHL eCommerce:

it deals with standard international parcel pick-up,delivery and return solution for buniess.

DHL Global Forwarding,Freifht

it care of varity of customers logistics needs from standardize logiusticts operation and multi-modal transport solutions to highly individualized industrial projects.

DHL Supply chain.

It is the global market leader in contract logistics manage transport,providing warehousing and value added services,

it gives solutions for coporate information and communications managment.

If you are lokking about the logistics then go for the DHL.

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